For a long time and in many places across the country, the only way you could get any restaurant-quality food was to order takeaway due to the COVID-19 crisis. Thankfully, many places are starting to be allowed to host quite a few guests nowadays, but there are still a few reasons why you shouldn't go and dine in at a restaurant. Takeaway should still be your primary choice, and there are a few reasons behind that, some of which are about helping you and some are about helping the restaurant. If you are interested in Chinese food, for example, here is a brief rundown of why you should still be ordering Chinese food takeaway

COVID-19 Is Still A Threat

While local cases have dwindled down to virtually nothing in most of Australia, it only takes one super-spreader to infect hundreds, and it can be days before they are located. If you are unlucky enough to visit the same restaurant as them in that time, then even by following all the rules you can still get the virus. For now, it is good practice to eat Chinese food takeaway as much as possible and wait until the vaccines are more widely dispersed throughout the world and, importantly, Australia.

Save Money

Many restaurants are offering great deals on takeaway food because they have been able to streamline their business to accommodate for COVID-19. While you can now eat in restaurants if you bring a mask and only stay seated, you will likely pay a bit of a premium, especially when it comes to drinks. Instead, why not buy an extra dish or so and eat takeaway rather than having to wait in the restaurant with your mask on. The food tastes just as good and you get more of it, so for most people, it seems like a great solution!

Reduce Workload On Restaurant

Most people have worked a service job in their life and know how hard it can be to follow all the rules about cleaning, but with COVID-19 sanctions, cleaning has become even more hectic for those in the industry. If you choose to dine in, then it requires the staff to do a lot more work preparing and then cleaning up your area. Instead, why not enjoy the freedom and comfort of your own home, with the luxury of Chinese food takeaway, and let the employees focus on cooking rather than constantly cleaning every surface?