Australia is sports mad from cricket in the summer to the two codes of football during the winter and all types of athletics and swimming increasingly popular amongst all ages. Every day, Australians practice, train or work out to ensure they are better prepared for an upcoming game or sporting event. Even more, Australians enjoy watching sport than participate in it, which gives you some indication of just how big of a deal it is. It is no surprise that this obsession with sport has given rise to the idea of a sports bar but what exactly is the difference between a sports bar and a regular pub? Heres an outline of why many sports bars are so important to their community.

Supporting Local Clubs

Sports bars support hundreds of local sporting clubs and community groups through financial aid, material donations and the space to host meetings and events. In this way, your average sports bar is far more a part of its community than a traditional business because it celebrates a part of life that millions are obsessed with. That is also why when you visit a sports bar on a weekend you are likely to see adults and children alike wearing their local club colours; they have just finished a day playing sport and have come back to their local sports bar to relax and be merry.

Showcasing Talent in a Communal Atmosphere

Some sporting events are best shared in a group environment and sports bars recognise that and generally have every major sporting event shown on a big screen or the many televisions dotted around the location. Many smaller sporting events are quite expensive to watch, which makes it financially feasible to go and watch it at the local sports bar instead. Instead of paying $75 for a boxing match why not go and watch it at your sports bar and buy yourself a nice meal and have a drink? You'll still likely end the night saving money! 

Good Food for Every Interest

Sports bars get a bad wrap when it comes to their restaurant's menu but in general, they serve exactly what most people want: a combination of burgers, schnitzels, pizza and fries. In addition to the staples of a sports bar, there is often a specialty section for those who want to try something a bit outside of their comfort zone. This means that if you do get tired of eating the same thing you always have the option of trying out something new. More and more sports bars are also offering healthier options like seafood, salads and low calories alternatives. 

Start perusing local sports bars if you're interested in learning and experiencing more.