When craving food from your favourite restaurant, you'd typically think of two options: order online (for delivery) or make a trip to the restaurant's location (eating in). But what if you enjoy the convenience of both?

Many diners don't like having to wait for their food to get ready while at the restaurant, while some still enjoy the ambiance that a particular location provides. But do you have to compromise wait times for ambiance? Not anymore. Restaurants are now introducing a new way to order online and eat at the restaurant.

How it works

Imagine you have a dinner date this coming weekend, but both you and your partner have busy schedules. You may enjoy the experience of a particular restaurant, but you don't like how long they take to prepare their meals. With ordering online, you can submit your meal preferences and get an estimate as to how long the meal prep will take. Once it's almost ready, you and your partner can make your way to the restaurant and get seated just as the meal is ready to be served.   

This innovative model allows you to avoid long wait times while still enjoying your meal at the restaurant. The idea is to blend both the online ordering and dine-in experiences for customers.


As a diner, you may be wondering why this ordering option makes sense. Ordering online and eating in can benefit you in the following ways:

1. Reduced wait times

People with busy schedules may feel as if they don't have enough time to enjoy the restaurant experience. You may be worried that dining in will take too long, and thus you end up getting your meal delivered.

By ordering online and eating in, you can reduce your wait time and arrive at the restaurant just when your meal is ready to be served. In this way, you'll get to enjoy the ambiance of your favourite eating destination as you gobble up your meal.

2. Have more time to decide

If you can never quite decide between a salad and soup or a burger versus a steak, you'll have more time to make up your mind by ordering online. With the full menu available to view, you'll have more time to check ingredient information and check out the daily specials before placing your final order.  

3. Conveniently plan for group events

If you're planning a birthday dinner or a graduation ceremony, it can be hectic to manage everyone's order at the restaurant table. Ordering online and eating in allows you to calculate the cost in advance, meet dietary preferences and have everyone enjoy their meal at the same time.

For more information on your dining options, contact restaurants in your area.